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A walk to Myrina and the Castle

You can spend a day in the capital of the island, Myrina. Walk the traditional stone-paved alleys and admire the old stone mansions that will appear before you. Make a stop at the Archaeological Museum of the city which was built by Italians. It’s one of the most beautiful museums you have ever seen. The Byzantine Castle, built by Andronicus Comnenus the 1st, awaits you above the scenic city. You can visit it and if you are lucky, you may meet a deer since the Castle has been a valuable refuge for deer for several years. Walking down the Castle you can visit the small Port of Myrina with its traditional color, the fishing boats and the taverns by the sea. Learn more about Myrina’s castle.

Virgin Mary Kakkaviotissa

Driving between the impressive geological shapes of hills and crossing Mount Kakkavos, mind the sign that directs you to Virgin Mary Kakkaviotissa. Follow the earth-road, knowing that soon you’ll be found in front of a stirring view: huge rocks of various shapes, which hide a chapel in their bowels.
Its white color makes an amazing contrast with rocks’ earthy color, while its blue rails remind you that, indeed, you are in one of the most beautiful Aegean islands. Start early in the morning and take the path towards it, if you are a fan of walk. Clean air, the route, but also the view, constitute an unforgettable experience for you.

Sand dunes

Here, you may meet a real desert, a remarkable phenomenon in Pan-European level.
Sand dunes lie in a place that doesn’t justify their presence, 70,000m2 in extent approximately, at the village Katalakkos and away from the sea. It is an exceptional landscape with narrow vegetation that attracts more and more visitors.
Go for plunges in Pachies Ammoudies and walk as you can stand in the hillsides of the area. The landscape will not cease fascinating you, not even for a minute.

Archaeological Museum of Lemnos

The findings, preserved in this museum, are exceptional and remarkable, all from the excavations that took place in Poliochni, Hephaestia, Imvros and Cabeiro. The copy of the Stele of Kaminia is eminent and bears a representation of a warrior and Tyrrhenian inscription.
Here, you will see a double-handled crater of the 8th & 7th B.C. century, earthenware statuettes of Sirens, a double small double-handled crater, the earthenware statuette of Cybele, etc.
Open: Tuesday to Sunday.(closed on Mondays). 08:30 – 15:00
Myrina, tel. 22540-22990

Sponge-fishers of Lemnos

Sponge-fishers of Lemnos. People of Lemnos weren’t only people of land. Fishery and processing of natural sponge flourished for many years in the island and even today you may meet one of the last sponge-fishers in the café of some village, who will share with you his experiences.
Open: Monday,Wednesday to Friday.(closed on Tuesdayss). 10:00 – 14:00
Village of Nea Koutali, tel. 22540-92383

Folklore Museum

Folklore Museum of T.D. Portianos. A picturesque village with stone mansions. The visit to its folklore museum, where you have a taste of the area’s civilization, is necessary. Here, you will also loaf about the residence that offered hospitality to Winston Churchill in 1915.
Village of Portianou: Tel. 22540 – 92383